Getting a new British passport in Sanur Bali

My passport is pretty much full. Indonesia requires visitors to have a few blank pages when entering as well as the passport being good for at least 6 months. If you don’t they can send you home on the next flight, or more likely, pull you aside and offer a ‘solution’. This could be $50 or more. Last time I came in the Andrew Jackson ($20) inside my passport greased the wheels sufficiently for trouble to be avoided.

Next time I’ll have to leave the country will be June, so I want get sorted out wth a new passport before. Even though my passport is good till 2012, Britain does not allow pages to be added to a passport.
The British Consulate in located in Sanur, on the left side of th Bypass heading in that direction. Its a bit hard to find, but if you are crusing along Jl. Tirta Nadi and wondering which one it is, look for the metal gate with the security guard inside.
I called up today and the receptionist told me to download a form from the British government website, get a friend to fill it out, get a color photo with a white background and have the friend sign it. I then take all that stuff along with my old passport to the office. The kicker is a 48 page passport cost 1.4m rp. That’s daylight robbery. In Britain or the US it would cost $97.
Still, better to take care of business now, rather than get shot in ass later. While writing this a lightening bolt of brilliance hit me. In June I will be going back to Europe and might as well do it there!!!!
British Consulate
Jl. Tirta Nadi # 20A
(0361) 270601