Freedom: Bali Nine makes me think about what I've got

All this stuff about prison and courts has once again got me thinking about freedom. This afternoon I walked out of Denpasar District Court without so much as a blink of an eye. Riding my bike home I thought ‘wow, what would those young Bali Nine people give to be able to do that?’ While not a scary and repressive justice system, Bali has the ‘smiling straight jacket’, everyone’s cool, but you’ll be here for a long time.

Certain members of the Bali Nine are prime candidates for the death penalty. In Indonesia the death penalty is only put into action after numerous appeals, which can last years. Today’s news contained an article about a 76 year old inmate in California who was put to death recently. By all account he was a pretty nasty man, but 23 years on death row can’t be good for the digestion.
The kid who I knew in the US who got the death penalty after shooting 2 innocent people had to wait 8 years for his end. I’m sure after his moment of madness he sat for a long time and wondered ‘what the hell did I just do?’
Being married is deifntely a form of freedom reduction. Now I have someone asking me ‘where are you going and what are you doing?’ Compare my freedom to the charachters I saw today. I’m not gloating but their lives may not see much freedom ever again. I think after the verdicts and sentencing in a few weeks, all parties will be more open to talking to me. One of the reporters told me today he is at the court all day and never gets anythings as far as comments from the Bali Nine.
Freedom, let’s make the most of it and stretch the envelope.