DVD night : Papaya to the rescue

Relaxing in the evening on the weekends and watching a DVD with Ika has become something we I enjoy. She has an old TV and a DVD player, I bought a few DVD’s and a friend lent me some new one’s. We push the small bamboo table in front of 2 chairs and set everything up using my 10m extension cord (don’t live here without one) and a triple plug adapter. True to form the equipment gives off an electric shock if you touch it, so Ika uses a cloth.

The equipment reminds me of when I was a kid in the 70’s. I remember evenings of standing holding the aerial so we could watch a western, the frame hold flying all over the place if I moved. With Ika’s equipment the line-in / out sockets are loose and we lost the movie about 10 times last night. My solution was to figure out just how the line-out plug needed to be supported. It needed a little push up and I achieved this by placing a papaya on top of the machine and using a electric cable to wrap around the plug. The cable then went over the papaya and off the other end of the machine, attached to a cloth (for a bit of weight) with 2 clothes pegs (man I should of been on the space shuttle!). This provided some uplift and we saw City of God, the movie about a young photographer growing up in a Rio slum (Canuki Chris you might like this).