Can't get online in Seminyak Bali

Not being able to get online is a pisser, especially when you run a website. I had a busy day today, with a metting at the British Consulate, with Mike Hillis in Sanur, with the manager of Blueline internet in Kuta and with Jevon’s doctor in Denpasar.

I’d like to tell you all about that, but my home interent connection is not working right now. Its been patchy for a while, but today, after I went down there and recharged my credit, the username and password doesn’t work. Murphy’s Law, the strongest force in the universe, says that when shit can happen, it will. It was Murphy’s Law today that I interviewed the manager of Blueline telling me what a great product he has. You’ll get to read and hear that interview when I can get online.
In the meantime I am at an internet cafe in Seminyak, sitting next to Italian benchongs who are drinking Corona.