Bugs and other critters in Seminyak Bali

Just as expats in Bali have to be savvy to the scams and other things that can sideline them, life in Bali involves a constant battle, or at least co-existance with the animal and plant world.

In Europe we take it for granted that during summer you might get a few flying ants and the bushes might gets a bit unruly. During winter, everything shuts down, coming to life sometime in spring.
Here in Bali its a war of attrition. I have plants in my garden with leaves the size of the map of Australia. I go away for a month and everything is 2 ft taller, twice the size and new ones are springing up.
The trees in my garden that produce the noxious pollen have grown back to their previous size in a few months. Its incredible, you saw a tree in half and it refuses to die! Recently Ika noticed a rat or mouse was digging through the roof, scratching away and loosening straw and dust. As I was typing an article the other day a rock hit my computer. Looking up I saw it was a hardened piece of toket (big gecko) poop, fresh from the source.
I tell you, with mozzies, cats (one got into our kitchen 2 nights ago and smashed a plate), frogs in the bathroom, bats (dive bomb me at 10pm under my roof) and the trifids, a Pommie bloke has got his hands full in Bali.
I haven’t seen any snakes in the garden, but I’m looking.