Bali Real Estate info online

Bali can be a place to live that will change your life. Some people come, buy land, build a house, start a business and spend the rest of their lives here.

People looking to buy real estate should tread carefully and go through proper channels. Meaning consul a lawyer and use western company that can handle all the paperwork. The price of land in desirable areas isn’t cheap. Just browsing a page on the web and checking land for sale in Ubud is interesting. One guy is asking $285,000 for 4,000 m2 (43,052 Sq.ft. ). That’s 70m rp per ara (10m*10m, or 100sq m).
Beach front land in Tanjung Benoa is going for $2,456,790 for 9,950 m2 (107,091 Sq.ft. ), that’s around 240m rp per ara. The choice areas such as Seminyak area 300m rp per ara, that’s around $30,000 for 100 sq m. Out in the boonies, places like Jembrana you can still find land for 5m rp per ara.
Here’s a site that has land and villas for sale in Bali. Check it out even if you are like me and don’t have cash, its nice to dream.