Bali police shoot violent Jimbaran burgler in Denpasar

Reading the Bali Advertiser today, I learned that on police Dec 18th Bali police shot and killed the violent Jimbaran burgler, in Denpasar.

Since the economic downturn you can expect people to re-tool, and try ways to get money they previously didn’t do. The police confronted a guy called Syahrul, originally from Lombok, who was robbing a property on Gatut Subroto Denpasar. Police suspect this was one of the guys who viciously attacked Australian expat Julie McNally, slicing her up with machette’s, leaving her alive, with gashes 10 centimeters deep.
Police also think Syahrul is the perpetrator of 6 more armed robberies and a robbery / murder in Denpasar. Police have been instructed to ‘shoot to kill’ if they encounter armed burglers. Great news for the good guys.
A friend of mine told me I could get a gun licence in Jakarta for 10m rp. I think I’ll pass. Shooting myself in the foot or mistaking one of the neighbors for a bad guy, is 10 times more likely than ever needing it.