Warung Jegeg Bulan: Kuta

1lft1Restorans, warungs and junk-food outlets abound in Bali and, depending on your tastes, one can virtually imbibe in the cuisine of the world; such is the variety. Of course we all have our own favourites and many we patronise on a regular basis.

My personal tastes are strictly for the traditional foods of Indonesia. I am a firm believer that to experience any country you visit or live in for a period of time one has to imbibe in the cuisine available. For decades I have been a devotee of ‘street food’; that bought of the kaki lima in the streets.

Many years ago I came upon a warung in Poppies Lane 2 that not only provides excellent food and service it has great background music when you are eating. Moreover it is a place that is spotlessly clean and as such a place that I visit on a regular basis.

2rght1Jegeg Bulan is located next to Tanjung Bali Inn in Poppies Lane 2 and a place that is a must-visit when you visit Bali. The selection on the menu is varied and there is something for everyone; western food for those unsure of eating Indonesian food and a fabulous selection of Indonesian and Chinese food. The drinks and dessert selection is fabulous and sure to please.

Jegeg Bulan is one of those warungs that grows on you and I put this down to the excellent quality of the food and the friendly staff ever helpful to accommodate your epicurean requests. The warung recently had a renovation of sorts and the long bar is now at the front overlooking the street. So, if you just fancy propping-up the bar and have a few Bintangs then you are always welcome.

When you are in Bali next or if you are already here on the island then drop into Jegeg Bulan and let Ketut and the staff take care of you. Believe me, this is an excellent warung that has a fabulous atmosphere and is a joy to visit.

The breakfast menu at Jegeg Bulan is astounding as well so be sure to check this out. Do yourself and your stomach a favour and check out Jegen Bulan for a top quality budget-value selection of great food and a good time. You won’t regret it!


The spotlessly clean Warung Jegeg Bulan


Ketut and the boys at Jegeg Bulan