Warung Bali Bambu Sari – Kuta

1leftie2I am constantly on the lookout for good places to eat on my travels in Bali. It’s hard to find a place with the magical combination of excellent food at reasonable prices, good atmosphere, great service, location and nice décor. Warungs and restaurants in Bali only have maybe one or two of these. However, I have found a warung that has the magical combination.

Located on Jalan Kahuripan opposite Supernova, Warung Bali Bambu Sari is the ultimate in Balinese cuisine at reasonable prices. I must have passed this fabulous warung hundreds of times in the last few months and didn’t take much notice until the other day.

2rightie1Warung Bali Bambu Sari has been open for only a year but already it has become popular as a destination for good Balinese food. The traditional décor is perfect with simple wooden table and long stools giving the warung a ‘homely’ feel. The service is excellent and you couldn’t want for a better atmosphere to relax and dine in.

What I enjoyed is the warmth and friendliness and, the quietness. Warung Bali Bambu Asri is the kind of warung you can take your friends for a drink or enjoy some delicious Balinese cuisine and not end up paying big out of your wallet. Simply put, it is the perfect warung in my opinion.

I liked the restricted menu with around nine dishes to select from. It was difficult to choose but I finally decided on Ayam Betutu Bumbu Bali. With this dish you have a choice of a quarter chicken, half or full. The quarter I received was enough for two people and all breast of chicken. The chicken melted in my mouth and the accompanying kankung, nasih putih and tasty bumbu were absolutely delightful. Excellent value at Rp25,000.


Ayam Betutu Bumbu Bali

Candika selected the Ayam Goreng Bumbu Plecing. Ayam Goreng cooked to perfection and with the accompanying tempe goreng, tahu goreng and plecing kankung, she couldn’t stop eating. She did manage to say, in between mouthfuls, it was absolutely delicious and the sambal plecing was perfect. Good value at Rp18,000.


Ayam Goreng Bumbu Plecing

Warung Bali Bambu Sari also serves an array of krupuk to enjoy with your meal or for starters. I particularly liked the choice of juices on the menu and would highly recommend the chilled watermelon. This warung is so good and top value for money.


Warung Bali Bambu Sari
Jalan Kahuripan No 2
Tel: (0361) 751307