Tumpek Landep in Bali

mini-tumpeklandepWhen you are strolling around the streets in the tourist strip today or out in the countryside you will notice most motorbikes and cars adorned with the offerings and ornaments made from young coconut leaves. This is because in Bali today it is Tumpek Landep – devoted to Sang Hyang Pasupati, Lord of heirlooms, weapons and metal tools for proper function and magical power. Also today specific offerings are made in the home for kitchen implements, garden tools and metallic parts of machinery etc. it is also a day when builders generally take a day off work to make offerings for their work tools.The first Tumpek to take place every cycle is Tumpek Landep. This is on the Saturday of Landep, the second week of the Pawukon. This is also a day of offerings to weapons of war, particularly the sacred kris short swords, but also that of guns or other weapons.

If a family owns such a weapon, on Tumpek Landep it is reverently unsheathed in the family temple, sprinkled with holy water, and presented with offerings of woven coconut leaves, flowers, and fruits. A balian – a kind of shaman – offer prayers. The balian will know the proper mantras for the weapon.

Photo Credit: blog.baliwww.com