Tropical downpour in Kuta: New drains can't cope

Anyone who was in Kuta about 18 months ago remembers the extensive storm drain project that was going on. It was so extensive, that barely any main street, or high traffic side street didn’t get fully dug up, with 10ft deep trenches allowing new drains to be installed. The project was funded by the World Bank. My feeling were that it would all be worth it. I’m not so sure after this afternoon.

Jl. Legian was like a river, people either choosing the conservative route up on the sidewalk, or throwing caution to the wind and jet-skiing home. The junction of Jl. Legian and Jl. Benesari was a comedy of people negotiating traffic and water. Outside Brasil restaurant the only choice you had was to wade. Out on Jl. Pantai Kuta things were not any better. Motorbikes didn’t dare ride on the road for fear of an unseen pothole. Cars crawled and people waved.
I got a bit damp myself but I have to say the Balinese locals always approach this kind of thing with good spirits. I didn’t see too much ill will and did see much laughing. Wonder if the storm drains are just bunged up? Whatever the answer, they aren’t working right now.