Tourists Still Waiting at Immigration

Much has been said in recent months [mostly complaints] about the Immigration desks at Ngurah Rai International Airport and their lack of ‘speed’ in processing newly arrived tourists. Despite assurance from the immigration department that this process would be vastly improved, as yet, it still remains the same.

Getting excited upon arriving in Bali and looking forward to a holiday in paradise isle is soon soured at immigration. Sure, there are times when it appears the long queues seem to be moving reasonably smooth, and it is at these times I can guarantee there were not many flights just arrived on the island.

Generally for those tourists arriving in the mornings there are numerous flights arriving within a 30 minute period and it is this backlog of tourists at immigration that spawn bitter complaints. I read a good article in the Bali Discovery about this actual subject and it appears, as the article explains, foreign tourist continue to complain bitterly about long lines encountered upon arrival at Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport.

If you are travelling on another visa not related to a tourist visa then you go to a different counter. But, for those visiting Bali for a few days or weeks, the long wait is inevitable.

My advice is to be patient. I know it’s hard having just planted your feet on Balinese soil and to you the time spent at immigration could be time spent out of the airport doing what you came to Bali for. Although I am not confident the problem of long queues will be solved imminently, it will get better. After all, when a lot of tourists bitch about something sooner or later somebody listens.