Tidak ada uang: Schapelle Corby sunk in Kerobokan Bali

Indonesia’s Supreme Court has overturned a decision to reduced the sentence of Schapelle Corby. Originally Schapelle was sentenced to 20 years, which was reduced on appeal to 15 years. The Supreme Court in Jakarta has now reversed that decision.

Here’s what I reckon is going on. Okay Michelle Leslie gets some major money to the Bali court and walks. The Bali court gets called to Jakarta for an inquiry…inquiry as to why the Jakarta boys didn’t get a share. Everything squared, they return and its all okay. Now the Ba;i nine. Notice the whole case is stalling? Sick prisoners, computers that don’t work, paperwork not done, etc. We all know that if this trial is not finished by mid Feb its will be a miss-trial and they will all walk. Maybe the son of Kerry Packer is feeling all warm and fuzzy, and made a deal to let the Bali Dopes walk if he paid a big fee. We don’t know. Maybe Rupert Murdoch, ashamed that he let his /Australian citizenship go, paid the ransom. Who knows. What we do know know is that when big money comes to town, the rules change. Maybe the big wigs in Jakarta think they can get a higher price for Corby.
The plot thickens and we will have to wait to find out.