Thoughts on Lombok

lomboklCandika and I returned late yesterday from our week-long sojourn in Lombok and we are both so tired; still. The two words I would use to describe Lombok are simply beautiful. The island is a wonder of surprises and delightful people. The sister island to Bali, Lombok has so much on offer to see and do. The environment is pristine with natural, curving bays and high mountains affording spectacular views.

Many people have said to me that Lombok is like Bali was twenty years ago and, they are correct. There are many things I basically liked about Lombok; no traffic jams, the peace and quiet, delicious cuisine and an intriguing culture that I found quite absorbing.

Lombok is easily reached from Bali via boat or air. Being only a half hour flight away, Lombok is a delightful place to visit even if only for a few days. The neighbouring Gilli Islands are reached by boat from Lombok and are a definite must-see for any lover of snorkelling, surfing or just plain chilli’ out on the pure white stretches of sand.

Over the course of the next few weeks I will post articles about some of the fabulous and interesting places to visit on Lombok.