The Tour D’Indonesia

bikeI am an avid fan of cycle racing and as such, never miss the broadcasts of the various events on the European circuit. It might surprise some of you that there is an event of such like in Indonesia – the Tour D’Indonesia. The event kicked off last Sunday in Jakarta and like most events in Indonesia you have the relative Ministers starting off the race by joining in.

The race travels through the spectacular areas of Java and onto Bali where the finish will occur on December 3. This is not your usual peddle through the park. It is a gruelling race and believe me there are some fairly mean mountain stretches in Java. In fact, the whole race has a length of 1,514 kilometres.

According to the article I read there are numerous sponsored teams: Sponsored by Speedy Broadband Access, the participating teams include the Philippines (2), Japan (1), Iran (2), Australia (1), South Korea (1), Malaysia (1), Kazakhstan (1), Russia (1) and Indonesia (11).

Tour D’Indonesia Schedule:

• Jakarta, Nov. 22, 2009, Time Trials.

• Bandung (Lapangan Gasibu) – Tasikmalaya (Plasa Telkom) Nov. 23, 2009

• Tasikmalaya (Plasa Telkom) – Purwokerto (Alun-alun) Nov. 24, 2009

• Purwokerto (Alun-alun) – Semarang (Balai Kota) Nov. 25, 2009

• Semarang (Bali Kota) – Yogyakarta (Balai Kota) Nov. 26, 2009

• Trikora (Plasa Telkom) – Madiun (Alun-alun) Nov. 28, 2009

• Madiun (Alun-alun) – Surabaya (Taman Bungkul) –Nov. 29, 2009

• Surabaya (Taman Suryo – Kantor Walikota) – Surbaya (Taman Suryo – Kantor Walikota) – Nov. 30, 2009

• Probolinggo (Alun-Alun) – Banyuwangi (Kantor Bupati) Dec. 1, 2009

• Gilimanuk (Port Entrance) – Denpasar (Lapangan Renon) Dec. 2, 2009

• Denpasar (Lapangan Renon) – Denpasar (Lapangan Renon) Dec. 3, 2009.

Schedule Courtesy: Bali Discovery

Tour D’Indonesia Website:

Photo Credit: tour.telkomspeedy