The Sweet Tastes of Bali

16If you have a sweet tooth like me then the delicious cakes of Indonesia are sure to please and Bali is no exception. Over the years I have found some nice bakeries down the back streets and alleys in towns and villages right across the island. Closer to home, so to speak, on the tourist strip from Kuta right up to Seminyak there are several places that sell these mouth-watering delights. The one in particular I like (photo left) is a family run place on Jalan Buni Sari almost opposite Bemo Corner. Having lived in Yogyakarta for 10 years I obtained a fondness for Kue Lapis and there is always at least six pieces in the refrigerator.

I once asked at my favourite bakery about ingredients used in creating these morsels of delight. Really I should have known better because all I received was a stern look. Cinnamon is widely used, palm sugar also, but there are many other sweet spices used.

My wife, Candika, prefers shopping for her sweet tooth at the Centro Discovery in Tuban. In fact, it is probably the number one destination for all travellers to Bali that have a sweet tooth! As you all know, this is where you will find BreadTalk; the ultimate in a diabetic’s nightmare. I cannot recall a time when that place has not been empty! I usually give Candika a Rp50,000 note and leave her to it. Naturally there is no money left out of that. The good thing about BreadTalk is that you can watch the bakers creating their scrumptious treats and the one thing you can always guarantee is freshness.

There is another place in the Centro that has delightful food and is worth checking out. Roti Boy serves fresh coffee bread straight from the oven and it absolutely and deliciously melts in your mouth.

Where’s your favourite place?