The Nusa Dua Fiesta 2010 Starts Next Week

The Bali Tourism Development this year again proudly hosts the Nusa Dua Fiesta 2010 with the theme “Green Tourism” and will be held from the 15th to 19th October. The fiesta is a bid to help popularize the Nusa Dua Complex as a world tourism destination. The theme ‘green tourism’ was chosen so that the cultural diversity and the care for the environment will be showcased in this great event.

This year, the Nusa Dua Fiesta 2010 is to be held in Nusa Dua Peninsula and will once again feature exhibitions, performing arts, cultural attractions, sports, music, exhibitions and fun games. Also, there will be a celebration of dance from the various regions in the archipelago.

According to Drs. IGK Purnaya, the General Chairman of the Nusa Dua Fiesta 2010, it will be different this year than in years past. This time, the Nusa Dua Fiesta 2010 will feature the Culinary Exchange 2010 event, which will be followed by chefs within Indonesia. Visitors to the Nusa Dua Fiesta, especially foreign visitors, will be able to see directly the cooking demonstration on traditional Balinese menu, an event that will boost the awareness of the Balinese traditional cooking among international tourists.