The Nicest Chinese Temple in Bali – Griya Kongco

When I first heard about this klenteng or Chinese temple I became excited at the prospect of viewing a Chinese temple I have yet to visit already having seen all on the island of Bali.

My aspirations were soon dashed when we ended up at a small temple in Denpasar down by the river. It was not the one. I glanced across the river and there glistening in the afternoon light was the golds, reds and yellows of several stupas. I had found it but I wasn’t swimming across a polluted river to get there.

After inquiring inside the temple we were at we finally received the directions needed. . It’s not an easy place to find being so isolated, however, if you travel along Jl By Pass Simpang Siur in Tanah Kilap until you see a large sign BPPT, then directly after the sign there is a narrow dirt road that meanders through the edge of the mangrove swamps. Follow this road right down to the sea.

This unpretentious and beautiful klenteng is located on the edge of the Badung Strait. Actually, this stunning Chinese temple has the full name of Klenteng Ong Tay Jen Griya Kong Co Dwipayana; or so we were informed by one of the resident monks. The klenteng has three dharmaTaoist, Confucianist and Bhuddist. In one pavilion there are statues of dewa dewi. This is where the Taoists pray. The Confucianists pray to NABI Khong Hu Cu in one of the several pavilions whilst the Bhuddists pray to Bhudda Gautama and the Goddess of Mercy. The one thing I found interesting was that in the same complex are located three Hindu puras making this temple complex a truly multi-faith one.