The HP Card Man: Bali

hplMost tourists that visit Bali bring their cellphones with them in order to keep in contact with friends on the island or to call their home country. There are numerous providers offering their service as being the best and the cheapest. It really is a matter of personal choice. I have always used Mentari for its reliability although there are cheaper phone providers.

Then the hassle comes where you have to find a place that sells the cheapest pulsa to refill your phone once you have used up your credit. There is a plethora of small shops, stalls and even warungs that sell these credit cards for your phone. The price varies from place to place.

I much prefer to purchase my pulsa from one person who walks the streets nightly in Kuta and Legian. Candika fondly calls him ‘the HP man’. Besides carrying pulsa for all the phone providers he will even enter the pulsa right there when you purchase. He is a really nice guy and I admire him because he walks the streets nightly using crutches as support. He has no use of his legs and I surmise it was polio as a child.

If you are in need of refilling your cellphone then I suggest you buy it from the HP man. He is by far the cheapest in town, so to speak.