The Hot Days are a Comin’

1l1Today has been a reasonably hot day in Bali which makes it perfect those wanting to toast their body a golden brown, or, walk off the beach looking like the lobster on last night’s dinner plate. I was actually down the beach today as a matter of interest and I was surprised to see so many tourists with white skin attempting to get a ‘flash tan’.

Seriously folks, that is a no-no as the sun in the tropics can be fierce and before you know it you are a candidate for skin cancer. Play it safe and pack a bottle of 30+ tan lotion in your bag and use it. One of the main reasons I was at the beach today was to observe the fish. Yes, it is happening again; literally hundreds of small fish are being washed up on the shore, dead. This is getting to be a recurrent issue and is detrimental to the image of a delightful Kuta Beach. When the fish start stinking as they are now, it is definitely a tourist deterrent.

The last two days I have been up country showing my brother some more of the of-the-tourist-track sights. I even discovered a few new ones of which I will write about soon. At the moment we have a two day rest period before the final two-day road trip coming up on the 13th and then my brother returns to Australia.

2r1If you are coming to Bali and intend doing a few road-trips then it is advisable to have these rest breaks otherwise it becomes taxing on the body and you will get tired quickly for days after your culmination of journeys.

Bali is relatively quiet at the moment and in particular I noticed this in Legian. In the two days I have been out of Kuta I noticed when up in the Lovina area there were quite a few tourists although on the down-scale Candi Dasa was virtually deserted,

One thing to keep in mind if you are an independent traveller is that the prices at most hotels, losmens and homestays have increased 25%. I suppose this is warranted considering the price of utilities and food has increased. I was talking to a few friends about this last night over a Bali Coffee and the consensus was the ever increasing amount of tourists of late has driven the price up.

For those coming to Bali, the main exchange rates are as follows:

AUD1 = Rp8,260
USD1 = Rp9,500
GBP1 = Rp14,450