The Great Yacht Race is on Again

An old friend of mine came around to see us last night with some good news. I consider him to be an ‘old salt’, a man of the sea, and, one who regularly races yachts. Not the ones you see on the rivers but the big ocean-going ones. His news? Well, after thirteen years of being a non-event, the ocean-going race from the port of Fremantle in West Australia to Bali is on again and the date targeted is April/May 2011.

My friend was telling me that it’s an incredible race to participate in having done it himself he reckons it is quite an adventure covering the 1440 nautical miles. This is no ordinary yacht race although smaller vessels are allowed and will be categorised as non-racing. There are two Yacht clubs involved in in the race’s organisation and they are the Royal Bali Yacht Club and the Fremantle Sailing Club.

It really is fabulous to see the return of this open ocean event and will no doubt increase the tourism in Bali. If you are in Bali when the Yachts arrive after the long ocean race then you will be in for a spectacular surprise.