Tegallalang – Ubud: Stunning Rice Padi Views

1leftieUbud, located in the cool hilly area of Central Bali, has so much to offer the tourist and traveller. Primarily considered the cultural heart of Bali, Ubud is a collective of villages that have seemingly merged to become one large art colony. Ubud is home to some of the most creative artists on the island. It is also home for many expats who prefer the tranquillity of village life to that of the cacophony of Kuta.

Ubud is an excellent alternative place to spend your holiday as it has so much to offer like great hotels and homestays, a host of tourist attractions and some fabulous restorans. If all things artistic is your forte then you will feel right at home.

2rightieOne area that is a great introduction to the art-scene in Ubud and what the area produces is the 7klm stretch of road leading northwards. The section of the road from Ubud to Pujung passing through Tegallalang is lined with shops selling all manner of handicrafts. The stretch of road is a delight and an Aladdin’s Cave of art produce.

Recently was I was driving along this road it appeared to me that almost every shop sold different handicrafts although of course there are several selling the same product. However, it is a fabulous road to explore and if you have a spare few days then you will be in ‘art heaven’. If you are buying several products of a large nature then shipment back to your home country can be arranged.

3leftieAlthough I adore this stretch of road being artistically inclined, it is the attraction in Tegalalang that I find outstanding. The rice padi views in the valley located in a kilometre stretch along this road are a tourist drawcard. You will certainly know when you have arrived at this spot by the numerous cars and tourist buses crammed onto the side of the road.

One thing you must remember in this place is crossing the road to obtain a good vantage point to take your fotos. Many times over the years I have seen tourists crossing aimlessly and nearly becoming a bonnet ornament. There are several vantage points located down a few steps to shops and warungs.

Naturally, the owners will attempt to sell you their wares but, even worse are the hawkers on the road who literally shove artefacts into your face. Just ignore them. It can get fairly busy here and at times competitive for the best places to take fotos of the view.

Not far from this place there is a sign ‘Café Dewi’. Turn right down the path and you will find a delightful eatery perched on the edge of the valley. It has some stunning views of the padi fields. The Nasi Campur here is yummy!