Street kid at La Cabana in Kuta Bali

There are all kinds of micro-economies in Bali. For western tourists these micro-economies are largely invisible. During the economic meltdown in the late 90’s, Indonesians did not have social security to rely on. The safety net they had was family, and the micro-economies of selling bakso, fixing tv’s selling sliced fruit. All this economic activity is out of the reach of government, but ticks over 7 days week, and moves enough money around to keep people fed.

While sitting at La Cabana restaurant in Kuta a young fruit seller came along and peered over the wall. I never want anythnig they have to offer, but gave this kid 1,000rp. Kuta and Seminyak get beggars who often work as part of an organised operation. A truck drops them of in the morning and they get picked up around sunset. In Seminyak beggars sit outside the money changers and ATM at Bintang supermarket.