Street Food: Wedang Kacang Hijau

street1lA majority of tourists are wary of buying food from the vendors on the street and rightly so. Unless you are accustomed to eating spicy traditional foods then I suggest you just take photos. There are several food vendors you will see on the streets of Bali plying their trade.

There are those that carry baskets of wrapped food on their heads and others, carry boxes or baskets balanced on the end of pole suspended from their shoulders. If you have an inkling to try some of this delicious traditional food then start with Wedang Kacang Hijau (pictured left). A deliciously sweet concoction of green beans (kacang hijau), Sticky rice (ketan putih) and white sugar (gula pasir), it is normally eaten hot for breakfast.

A bowl of this yummy food will cost you only Rp3,000. Cheap living if you are on a budget when travelling! You buy this sweet traditional food from the vendor who walks the street with a pole over his shoulder and suspended at each end are two green boxes (Photo below).