Shark attack Bali: Will it happen to you?

Bali is located 8 degrees south of the equator. The currents around this island are very strong and the ocean generates swells that create the perfect environment for surfing. So you might wonder is Bali prone to shark attacks? Judging by the man hours spents in the water by foreign surfers, and more importantly local surfers, I think the answer is no. That’s not to say sharks don’t live here, but since I have been in Bali, I haven’t heard of anyone being attacked.

Some of my surfing mates talk of seeing a 10 ft shark go past them at the airport, or out at Nusa Dua. The Lombok Strait is 1300m deep and is a breeding ground for Tiger sharks.
Back in 1993 I remember walking along the main fishing beach in Padangbai and seeing a local woman carrying a 3ft long sharp on her head. That’s some good eatin’.