Senggigi Beach – Lombok

1l1The long stretch of stunning coastline 10 klms north of Ampenan is known as Senggigi Beach is in reality the tourist centre of the island of Lombok. Dotted along the coast are numerous luxury resorts and all manner of accommodation to suit the traveller and tourist alike. There are also several warungs and fabulous restaurants to suit all budgets. Wherever you travel along this coastline there are beautiful views of idyllic bays.

I was amazed at the laid-back pace of the area compared to its counterpart on the island of Bali. Last time I was in Lombok 17 years ago on my way through to Sumbawa I never really had the chance to explore the island at all and so experiencing Senggigi Beach for the first time was truly incredible.

2rArriving late in the afternoon at Lombok’s Airport, Seleparang, we headed north to the Pacific Beach Hotel. It is a nice place but not to my liking and so that same night Candika and I checked out some alternative accommodation. We finally settled on the Senggigi Beach Hotel.

This is a great resort with excellent snorkelling and diving in the pristine waters. The surf not far off the beach was really working cool and several surfers took advantage of the smooth tubes. What I particularly liked was the late evening view of Gunung Agung far to the west in Bali. Truly stunning.

3lThe next morning we took a drive through the Senggigi Beach area and the first thing I noticed was the excellent road. Compared to the pot-holed roads of Bali it was a sheer delight to drive on. Everywhere you drive along this stretch of coastline there are sweeping views of the ocean. It was a pure bliss.

The tourist area is well serviced for all traveller and tourist needs. Everywhere you looked on the side of the road there were shops, money-changers, tourist services, supermarkets and even a post office. ATM’s are almost everywhere and for the night owls there are several bars and nightclubs. This whole area is geared to accommodate tourists.

4rSenggigi Beach is a relaxing place to chill-out and really has everything. The other thing I particularly liked about here as compared to Bali is that it is safe even when you walk out at night; nobody trying to sell you dope or offering massages and other services. No doubt they are there but it was pleasant to walk down the street and be greeted by smiling locals ever willing to have a conversation and not be hassled.

As my first real introduction to Lombok, the stretch of coastline known as Senggigi Beach gave me inspiration to see more and more of the island. In actual fact you could say that I fell in love with Lombok!