Searching Baliblog

Baliblog has been in operation for 3 years and the amount of content we have is huge. I often get asked questions that we have answers too on the site, such as ‘I am visiting Bali for the first time, where should I go?’. Of course there is no 1 line answer to that, but after reading through a few articles you might start to form an opinion.

Every year the navigation on Baliblog changes and confuses a lot of people, including me. Often I cannot find articles that I have written and have no idea how to navigate to them through the site. For example, I wrote an extensive guide to Kuta guest houses, broken down by street.
My advice to any newcomer to Baliblog is there are 3 ways to search Baliblog. 1. Select Archive month. All the articles can be searched chronologically. 2. Search Archive category. Articles fall into one or more categories and you can browse an entire category. 3. Use the search function at top right.
In order to find info on Ubud, type Ubud into the search and hit enter. For a more defined search you can type ‘guest houses on Poppies II’ and you’ll come across an article somewhere in the list that will help you.
If you have a random thought about Bali, whether it be scooters, Kuta restaurants, bakso or gamelan, just type it in and you will often have a great amount of info already written on that topic.