Schapelle Corby to appeal Jakarta court ruling

Australian drug trafficker Schapelle Corby will appeal the decison by the Supreme Court to reinstate a 20 year jail sentence.

Convicted in May of attempting to bring 4.2 kgs of ‘Mary Jane’ into Bali, Schapelle was given a 20 years sentence, which was reduced to 15 years on appeal. Indonesia has a lengthy appeals process, but for Schapelle it seems the process is going in the wrong direction. One wonders what forces are at work and what Schapelle’s next move will be.
The Bali expat scene is small enough so that people bump into each other once in a while. I see her sister around town here and there. Right now relatives of the Bali Nine are in town, though I don’t really know them, and I’m sure they won’t talk to me anyway.
Latest word is that a photo of Schapelle with a drug dealer, that reached the Jakarta court has not helped her case.