Sanur Village Festival

The fabulous Sanur Village Festival starts tomorrow and goes through until the 8th August and Sanur is known as Bali’s oldest tourism village. This is the fifth village festival in Sanur and promises to be even bigger and better than last year’s and we can all look forward to an enjoyable time. The Sanur Village festival is one of the prime festive days in the year for tourists and travellers alike. It will be four days of festivity full of fun and activities for all ages. What I enjoyed about last year’s festival was how everyone who visited was more than welcome to participate in the activities and enjoy the cultural aspects of the festival as well.

The Village Festival is four days of diversified fun and the activities will be centred at cottage area of the Grand Bali Beach and the adjacent Segera Beach Hotel. After checking out the festival website I was amazed at all the activities on offer for tourists of all ages. These include the usual Sanur Open Golf Tournament, Bazaar and Food Festival, Water Sports Competition and an International Kite Festival. However, there is even more: Bonsai Contest and Exhibition, Underwater Festival a Culinary Challenge and a Jazz Festival.

The events mentioned are just a few so have a look at their website and enjoy the Sanur Village Festival.