Rumah Makan Bengkel: Lombok

There are so many great restorans and warungs on the island of Bali and each serving delicious masakan asli Lombok. Candika and I were both looking forward to eating both Taliwang (grilled chicken) and Sasak food. We found the latter at a great warung in Lobar called Rumah Makan Bengkel ‘Murah Meriah’. They serve delicious Khas Sasak Asli Lombok.

This décor of this place is typical Sasak and not only is the food fabulous, it is very cheap. Four of us ate there and the bill only came to Rp55,000. Unbelievable value. Rumah Makan Bengkel is extremely popular and when we were there for makan siang, the place was practically full.

We ordered a selection of Nasi Udang Usus, Nasi Ayam and Nasi Siput amongst others, all of which was accompanied with several condiments and a very spicy sambal terasi. A great feast was had by all and I would really recommend a visit here next time you are in Lombok.