Real Madrid to build soccer academy in Bali

real madridSpanish soccer giant Real Madrid is planning to build a soccer academy in Bali in January 2008. The academy is open to children and teenagers between nine and 18 years old with a capacity of 220 trainees under coaches from Real Madrid.

This may sound like a Kuta Cowboy’s dream come true, swap the beach soccer for Real Madrid’s farm team and head for the big time. Unfortunately the academy is aimed more at wealthy Indonesians, expats and foreigners, rather than the Kuta Beach crowd. To attend a 10 month course one must pay $20,000. For that princely sum you’ll be able to rub shoulders with other young men aged between 9 – 18 and coaches from Real Madrid.

These type of camps are money-spinners, David Beckham has one in California. Let’s hope they allow a few Balinese kids in there at ‘mates rates’.