Rainy January in Bali

Wet season in Bali (Nov-Mar) is a time of rejuventation, washing away the past and reloading the water systems of the island in readiness for another year. I like the wet season, the intense tropical downpours. I’m not saying I want to be out on the road when its lashing down, but its sure relaxing listening to the wind howl and the rain hammer on the roof. As I write this we are in the middle of a huge storm. It actually got more intense since the short video I snapped.

For first time visitors to Bali, you can tell when its going to rain because all of a sudden the wind picks up and the temperature drops. When that happens look for cover, because the faucet is about to turn. The storm we are having right now will probably last a couple of hours, then we might have some sunshine in the afternoon.
What is the perfect rain gear for Bali? Walking around the best thing is an umbrella. Its humid over here, so no one wants to have to wear, or carry raingear. On a motorbike a poncho is the best. I whip mine out, stay mostly dry and shove it back under the seat when I’m finished. With a poncho my forearms and lowers legs get wet, which doesn’t matter as I am wearing a t-shirt and shorts.
You could also pop into a lounge bar and drink your troubles away till the storm clears.