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Proposed UNESCO Geopark for Gunung Batur

11It was not too long ago that vulcanologists warned the possibility of an eruption of Gunung Batur. Naturally, this caused a certain amount of distress for the locals. In an odd turn of events, it seems the Bali provincial administration proposes a UNESCO Geopark status for Gunung Batur.

According to the article in the Jakarta Post today: As defined by UNESCO, a Geopark is a territory encompassing one or more sites of scientific importance, not only for geological reasons but also by virtue of its archaeological, ecological or cultural value. UNESCO insists that a geopark is a geographical area where geological heritage sites are part of a holistic concept of protection, education and sustainable development.

The area around Kintamani definitely qualifies geographically and historically with one of the most scared temples on the island located there – Pura Ulun Danau Batur. Not only that, the shores of Danau Batur are home to the Bali Aga; the original inhabitants of Bali.