Pierre Guillaume: Artist of true life in Bali

Bali has had a number of famous expat artists dating back to the 1920’s. The long list includes, Walter Spies, Rudolph Bonnet and Donald Friend. All have their style and way of capturing that certain aspect of life in Bali that appeals to them.

The Jakarta Post points out a modern Dutch artist named Pierre Guillaume, who recreates lifelike scenes on canvas. This self taught artist has put in the hard yards and really captures the flickering light of Kuta Beach under the trees as well as other areas on the south coast.

I think that Bali and its people offer an endless array of subjects for photographers and painters. So great to see someone who can paint and who can capture scenes we all have in our minds. Pierre Guillaume’s work in on display at the The Kuta Fine Arts Foundation in Kemang (until March 9)