Photo of the Day: Up in the Mountains

12I absolutely delight in travelling around Bali; exploring, meeting the locals, tasting traditional foods and in general, immersing myself in all that Bali has to offer. My particular favourite is driving up into the mountains away from the polluted areas of the tourist strip in Kuta.

It’s the fresh cool air, the total green of the greenest flora and the magical terraced rice paddies that are truly awe inspiring. The mountains are a place where your senses are freshened; especially if you take a walk through the lush green jungle areas; here you will find all manner of wildlife and flora.

If you have a good sense of direction then its fun just to ‘get lost’ amongst the beauty the Mother Nature of Bali has to give you. My favourite area for this indulgence is the Bali Barat National Park in the west of Bali. The great thing in this national park is that you can stay there for a couple of days and just hike to your heart’s content.