Photo of the Day – Tulamben

The landscape around Tulamben and a large portion of the east coast is dry and boulder strew. The rice belt ends and the corn-belt begins further to the south-west and there is not much going on heading up the coast. In Tulamben there are several losmens, a few places to eat and, plenty of dive shops.

Tulamben is probably the most popular site for dive tourists along the south-east coast road. Famous for the sunken wreck of the USS Liberty, Tulamben doesn’t offer much to anyone not interested in diving or snorkelling, but, it does have some delightful beaches graced with fishing boats and friendly locals. The whole ocean area around Tulamben is actually a Marine Reserve and thus protected. From Tulamben the coastal road tends to leave the coast and goes slightly inland until you arrive at a place called Culik where you turn left and return to the coast at Amed.