Photo of the Day: Sunset Dreaming

s1Over the decades I must have taken literally thousands of sunset images. A few were crap mainly because you have fellow travellers walking in front of your lens or the light changes for various reasons. Clouds are a hassle but can also be advantageous in providing colour once the sun has set.

Everybody that goes to Bali for a holiday invariably heads down to Kuta Beach to join the throngs of other folk wanting the same thing; to witness a beautiful sunset or capture it for posterity. In the norm the golden sunsets are outstanding and once that has occurred, people tend to leave the beach and pursue other activities.

Best thing you can do is sit and wait until the sun has well and truly set and the evening sky produces colours so rich they are surreal. You can watch the pinks turn to crimson, the purples turn a darker shade and the blues to a rich yellow. All these colours blending make for the perfect sunset. Be sure to use a tripod to get that steady shot!