Photo of the Day: Selaparang Airport, Lombok

I have been travelling around the archipelago of Indonesia for quite a few decades now and subsequently you get to see [and spend time in] a lot of domestic airports. Some are, oddly enough, elaborate, well appointed with a range of shops and eateries and there are those airports that are not too short of being a tin shed in a paddock. It’s not my style to rubbish airports or their services nor do I ever intend to.

One airport, Selaparang in Lombok, was one of the craziest yet delightful as well as being incredibly small with very little on offer regards shops and eateries. The last time I passed through there not so long ago it was an enjoyable experience, to say the least.

Although small in size it is amazing the amount of people traffic that travels through there and still maintains the ease of accommodating them all while they wait. Selaparang Airport also has one of the nicest views when coming into land or leaving the airport. The new international airport being established in the south of Bali will no doubt be much bigger and elaborate, but hey, give me the little airport lounges any day!