Photo of the Day: Sculptures

One of the great delights in travelling around the island of Bali or even walking the streets of the tourist strip is the amazing and curious things you come across. Bali is never short of surprising the traveller. I remember one time a few years back we were driving in the north of the island early in the morning and after summiting the crest of the mountain, we were enveloped in this haunting shroud of mist.

Yes indeed, these delightful surprises make any journey unforgettable. Recently we were having lunch at Ku De Ta with some friends of ours newly arrived from France. After a delightful, albeit expensive, repast, we were walking out to the car and I noticed in the carpark an unusual collection of, what I described as sculptures, hanging in a large tree.

I had previously been to KuDeTa many times and never noticed them. Ne4ver being one to let a photographic opportunity pass by, I took a few images.