Photo of the Day: On the Road

18In my opinion, the most delightful part of being in Bali is getting away from the cacophony of the tourist strip and heading up country; being ‘on the road’ or road trips. I reckon I must have covered just about every road, track, path over the decades and yet, I still find immense enjoyment in finding the most unusual or funny things.

Most tourists do the A to B to C kind of trip with little, if none, chance of stopping where you want and investigating anything that takes your interest. If you are heading to Bali on a vacation then I suggest you hire your own vehicle or motorbike and explore the island at your leisure.

Indeed I have seen my fair share of strange things whilst being on the road and one in particular I will not forget. I was showing some friends from Australia around the island and we came across something pleasing to them near Batubulan. Of course upon first sight, my friends wanted to take them home and spoil them. I jokingly said they tasted good and got a wrathful response! You have to admit though, they are cute.