Photo of the Day: Motorbike Mania

The ubiquitous form of transport throughout Indonesia is without a doubt the motorcycle. Not only do they ‘possess’ the road, they are a cheap form of transport used by a majority of Indonesians. Even the police have cool looking bikes (foto left).

The companies that supply the local market, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki have been extremely active in coming out with new sexy designs, tempting people to part with their precious rupiah. Financing means people can drive off with a new bike for less than the price of 3 months rental (sometimes handing the bike back in after 3 months), a situation which can prove too much to resist for many people.

Be aware though that there are new laws regarding the use of motorbikes in Indonesia and the police are coming down hard on all tourists and even the locals that are flouting the law.

Jam-packed motobikes in Lombok

Crazy parking area in Yogyakarta, Central Java