Photo of the Day: Loo with a View

There’s comes a time on your travels on the island of Bali when nature calls and you just-gotta-go. Out in the countryside of Bali the toilets are a little bit less to be desired and somewhat unclean as compared to your hotel in Kuta or even at home. There in front of you is a hole in the ground surrounded by tiles encrusted with all manner of grime. It’s enough to make you hold-on.

Normally these traditional Asian toilets are enclosed, some without doors, cockroaches running up the walls, and that stench; enough to knock you out on a hot day. But, once in a while you come across a delightful loo that is relatively clean and makes one’s nature call a pleasant one.

Some time ago when visiting Tirtagangga in the east of Bali for the umpteenth time, we partook in lunch at a restaurant on one of the back roads in the hills to the south of the famous tourist spot; Ryoshi. Besides having delicious food it was just simply a cool place to enjoy the scenery.

Nature called and I finally found the loo situated along a small, stoned pathway. The matted palm-leaf construction gave no privacy per sae, but once inside it had only three sides with the western loo facing north into a nothingness. It was perched on an escarpment! But, oh what a view…