Photo of the Day: Just a Glimpse

mini-katies-pics-123It will never cease to amaze me the things you find, see and experience on your travels in Bali, or to that fact, Indonesia. The great thing about just walking around a town, village or city, taking the back streets and gangs is that you come across all kids of delights.

Recently when I was in Denpasar and not far from the traditional market I found what I thought was a vacant block of land, rubble-strewn and of no real appeal. After taking the first image (photo left), what took my curiosity was in the back of this vacant block.

Upon investigation I found a makeshift warung with a few of the locals enjoying some local fare. Naturally, I joined them and delighted in some delicious food and a large iced-blocked black tea. These little things I find are fabulous discoveries.