Photo of the Day: Gone Fishing

15One of the delights of paradise isle is the beaches; although at the moment you wouldn’t think so of Kuta Beach considering the tidal pollution that just happens to occur on a yearly basis. It will be rectified and the pleasure of enjoying the renowned sunsets will once again be restored.

I get bored with the crowds that seem to flock to the beach around sunset to watch the sun being sucked up by the ocean, regardless of the conditions. I recall one time the sky was that black with storm clouds and yet tourists still flocked to the beach hoping, I imagine, for a touch of divine intervention. Trust me, it never happens!

If you really want to get the best sunset photos, without some dude walking in front of your lens when you are just about to take the photo, is to get as far away from the crowded stretch of Kuta/Legian beach and in fact, that of Seminyak. Get to the beach around five in the afternoon and just start walking. Eventually you will find that you practically have the beach to yourself and can ‘click’ away in peace.

These photos were taken down near the airport far from the Discovery Mall. I was fortunate to capture the images of fishermen preparing their boats for a night’s fishing. Add a nice sunset and you have good photos!