Photo of the Day: Doors n’ Locks

mini-barrie-272We open them, close them and, sometimes even bang on them or become frustrated when we can’t open them. As for me, I have adored doors and locks that I find fascinating on my travels, whether it’s in Indonesia or other parts of the world. The older the door or lock the more I find it fascinating. In Bali, you will find ornately decorated temples doors, temples to compounds and even doors that are an entrance to sacred places. A locked door I find intriguing because not only is it mysterious, it holds my fascination to see beyond its sealed front. I came across one such door at the Brahma Vihara Arama, a Bhuddist Monastery, located not far from Pengastulan in the north of Bali. Despite my sincere requests to the resident monks they would not unlock the door and let me enter only saying “It is too sacred”.