Photo of the Day: Cidomo’s in Lombok

Over the decades I have ridden in most horse-drawn means of transport across the archipelago. However, there was one form that I wasn’t eager to ride in and, I still haven’t. On the island of Lombok the horse-drawn transport for most locals is a Cidomo.

There tiny horse-drawn carts have small pneumatic tyres and looked extremely uncomfortable. Cidomos are only allowed to ply the back routes and are not allowed on the main streets. The reason for this becomes obvious when you are in a vehicle stuck behind one. They are so slow!

So, I settled for taking photos of the locals in these bone-shaking means of transport. Actually the locals were quite obliging in having their photo taken and are very friendly. As for your truly, I could never travel a long distance in one of these; unless of course I had a thick cushion to put under my backside. I well remember the Dokars in Bali.