Photo of the Day: Café Garam – Amed

Located on the south-east corner of Bali, Amed is a walk back to the Bali of old and so peaceful. It is a low-key Balinese village scene. As you travel there, there are a few villages along the way including, Jemeluk, Bunutan, Lipah and Selang. The landscape is a series of headlands overlooking bays, lined with fishing boats. Excellent and cheap accommodation is available everywhere. The three kilometre drive down to the coast is picturesque and the closer you get to Amed the more you realise just how beautiful Bali is.

Amed is ideal for people looking for a quiet place to relax. My favourite place is Café Garam. It offers a variety of foods at budget prices and being so close to the ocean it is natural that fish is prominent on the menu. Set in a open bale style, Café Garam is a cool place to chill-out but do take a walk out the back of the place down to the ocean. You will be pleasantly surprised.