Photo of the Day: Bringing in the Boats

mini-img_4475There are so many things to do in Bali that I find delightful and none more so than walking down to the beach just after sunrise and watch the fishermen arriving after a night’s fishing. Besides the interesting collection of fish they have caught, I am always amazed, and how skilfully, the fishermen unite to literally drag the boat from the shoreline up onto the beach away from the rising tide or heavy surf. If you ever get up close to one of these boats then you will realise just how solidly made they are, and heavy. Initially they use the breaking surf on the shoreline to get the momentum for the boat as they all push in unison. Then, it’s a back-breaking push-and-drag up the soft sand to a safe place for the boat. Unbelievably this is done on a daily basis, both launching the boats and bringing them back into shore.