Photo of the Day: Balinese Handicrafts

1Wherever I travel on the island of Bali, it never ceases to amaze me at the artistic array of handicrafts produced by the Balinese. The choice for tourists is somewhat overwhelming and varied and this would make it difficult for any money-spinning souvenir hunter. The Balinese are very creative and work in a variety of mediums.

You will see a maze of these handicrafts in the major shopping centres like Kuta Square and Centro Discovery, but, to get the best price and sometimes a better quality, head down to the traditional markets. In these intriguing places you will find paintings, wood carving, jewellery, stone carving and a plethora of others including a variety of colourful batik.

There are numerous markets and these include the Kuta Art Market, the traditional market in Sanur and the fabulous traditional market in Ubud; probably the most artistic market of them all. Of course there are many other markets across the island and all worth checking out. Have fun!