Photo Journal: Pura Sakenan

mini-img_4761Located on the Bypass between Kuta and Sanur, just after the turnoff for the port of Benoa you will find a road bridge that spans 1km of the Benoa Strait and this will lead you to Serangan, or Turtle Island. It is on this island you will find an interesting Balinese temple. Pura Sakenan is an important temple for Balinese people. The temple was built in the 16th Century by a Javanese priest named Nirartha.

During the Galungan festival, particularly the closing day of Kuningan, the temple is very busy. In years past Balinese people would wade across the Strait from Tanjung Benoa at low tide, when boats could no longer get across. The building of the bridge now means people are not likely to want to do this; another famous Balinese scene changed forever. Pura Sakenan is a public temple, meaning Balinese people from all over the island can come and receive blessings.

Visiting this temple at any other time than when festivals are being held could, to most travellers, seem a waste of time. But, it is a serene temple and one worth visiting. I was fortunate to visit the temple during the Galungan festival. For those wishing to see the ceremony, Galungan falls on the 14th October followed by Kuningan on the 24th.